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End Of The Month Review Roundup – And I’m Married!

Hello all, I hope you all had a wonderful month. Mine has been a busy one for sure. On the 23rd I married Craig, say hello to Mr and Mrs Jones. This was our 10 year anniversary together exactly, it was a lovely day but went by so fast. Clayne enjoyed all the attention (If you want to see more wedding photos comment below).
My little boy Clayne turned 9 months old on the 26th, I cannot believe how fast he is growing up. I don’t think it will be long before he starts walking, and is currently walking along furniture babbling at the top of his lungs.
As you all read this today is the day I go back to work after 9 months off on maternity leave, I am apprehensive, but looking forward to working with my colleagues again and using these two days a week at work as some “me time”.

Lets get into the books, I have been trying to read one book a week but did slack in the last week, my apologies. But I am trying to get back into a routine.

Here are my 3 reviews from March, if I included my sons books I would have a huge list haha. I hope you all enjoy the first day of April, and please stay tuned for more coming to my blog.

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What’s happening now + engagement

Hello everyone,

This is very quick sorry there hasn’t been a post yet but so much is happening for me at the moment.

I have placement, this is for my student nursing where I train in different hospitals for 8-12 weeks which is long hard full time shifts.  Alongside I also have an essay, revision and uni to do in two weeks.  This is proving to be an impossible task.

Next week I have my 20th Birthday amd I am arranging for friends to come and stay and we are going for a meal….. at the moment floods are causing a problems so hopefully everyone can come. 😦

And on Valentines day my boyfriend of 5 years proposed to me and we are now engaged eeeeek.  I plan to have the wedding near the end of 2015 which is proving very expensive when I only have a budget of £1,000.